Gumusluk Sunbeds: Gusta Restaurant

One of our favourite places to go and relax in Gumusluk Fishing Village is the sunbed area which lines the bay to the left. All the restaurants to this side of the bay put out sunbeds which are free for anyone to use; of course the unspoken ‘social contract’ is that you might buy a snack or a drink at their bar.

On this side of the bay they have strung out a line of white buoys to mark out a safe swimming area; which also acts as a barrier to prevent the ingress of boats and yachts.

Our favourite restaurant is called ‘Gusta’. It has glass screens to the front preventing the sea breeze from blowing sand over your table and its entrance is demarked by two large rounded Greek urns, which tilt outwards away from the entrance steps. Gusta also has the nicest sunbeds; they are beige fabric mattresses and very comfortable. The Gusta area is denoted by two stone turtles which sit at the margin between beach and sea, the waves gently lapping over them; one at each end of their pitch. These beds also have a little wooden shelf slotted into one side, which can be pulled out to rest your cool beer on.

Our favourite lunch time snack here is calamari and a special salad they do, the name of which escapes me; it is a finely chopped salad and has a certain spicy note – I’m sure you’d find it on their menu – it’s the one with the name you don’t recognise.

A Note to our previous Post:

We visited the beach yesterday 6th June 2010 and have disovered that ‘Gusta’ is no more. It is now called ‘Miko’ with a sailing boat motif as its signage. The sunbeds are new with good covers – but now of the ‘plastic’ variety. We cannot say what the new restaurant has to offer – we used the sunbeds and ate at ‘ The Beach’ restaurant next door ( which has also had good reviews from our gusts at Gumusluk Villa.)

2013: Miko is now ‘Amavi’. It’s one of our favourite places for a drink at sunset. Good food (try the ‘seafood pancake’) and great house wine from their own vineyard too! Sunbeds still available too.

1 thought on “Gumusluk Sunbeds: Gusta Restaurant

  1. This restaurant is now called ‘ Amavi’ and is still recommended. Their house wine is good (from the family vineyard near Izmir). Thye also have their own olives from the family farm.

    We liked the seafood pancake (crepe) – creamy with good content – to share between two as a lunchtime snack.

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