Gumusluk Fish Shop (2013: Now also a very popular restaurant!)

gumusluk-fish-shopGumusluk is a fishing village, so it should come as no surprise that it has its own fresh fish shop; located on the left as you turn into the fishing village, just after the Dolmus terminus.

It is the closest fish shop to Gumusluk villa and probably has the freshest fish. One medium sized sea bream is about £2 to £3.

Alternatively we go to ‘Kipa’ (the Tesco Hypermarket in Bodrum): it has a massive display of fish. There is a whole counter with all varieties of fish on ice. There is also a large slab or island, standing on the sales floor, with a mountain of today’s fresh fish piled gullet to tail on a crushed-ice bed. It was an impressive display of sea bream (or was it red mullet) when I saw it. I remember being surprised that there was no smell of fish; it was as if they had presented themselves that morning directly from the Aegean.

Luckily on our first fish-buying expedition we were with our French friend, Anne-Lise. She educated us on the need for such things as ‘de-scaling’ and ‘gutting’. To achieve this we took the fish to the fish monger (or did we just point) and made gesticulations of cutting fish and running a pretend knife up and down the imaginary scales. It seemed to do the trick. We came back in five minutes and voila!

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