Turkish Baths near Gumusluk

An experience not to be missed is a visit to a Turkish bath. We tried the Rayola Hamam just outside Ortakent and weren’t disappointed.

(2012: Mixed reports from guests. Some preferred the Bodrum Hamam near the bus/dolmus station.)

We were greeted by a Scottish lady who led us into a beautiful, marble-floored room, the size of a ballroom. While she explained the procedure to us we were served with iced homemade lemonade.

We deposited our valuables in a locker and were taken to changing rooms where we put on swimwear and helped ourselves to large fluffy towels. Then it was off to the hamam – a high domed room where everything was marble: flooring, seating around the edge and a large slab in the centre. Dotted around the perimeter were basins, each with hot and cold water taps and a ladle beside. We were each assigned to a basin and instructed to pour the water over our bodies every few minutes, adjusting the temperature as we wished.

It wasn’t as hot as a steam room: indeed it was clear, not steamy, in the hamam. After about half an hour of sitting and splashing, including a ten-minute interlude to a massive jacuzzi in an adjacent room, we were deemed ready for the serious matter of washing.

We must have sweated considerably, because the first procedure was to be body brushed with a loafer type implement; to remove all the dead skin that had seeped out of our pores. Our guide had told us we’d be amazed at the change in the colour of the loafer after we’d been brushed down. She wasn’t kidding!

Then it was back to our basins to ladle more water over ourselves before our ‘washer’ came to collect us and put us on the slab for a proper wash. He or she took a soapy mesh sponge the size of a palates’ bouncing ball and rolled it up and down legs, arms and body. Then we were turned over on the slab for more of the same till we were engulfed in one massive soapsud. Final water ladling followed and we emerged from the hamam to collect our fluffy towels. Invigorated by the experience, we were ready for a long cool drink as we relaxed on comfy sofas by the bar.

Lots of other services are available such as massages, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures etc. We tried a full body massage after the Turkish bath, which was a relaxing experience and not too expensive.

4 thoughts on “Turkish Baths near Gumusluk

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  2. I am afraid I had a similar experience. Very impersonal, too many people lined up for a very unsatisfying massage both in the Turkish bath and for add on, oil massage. Whilst facilities were clean and modern, changing rooms were nothing special. Both myself and Turkish friend were really disappointed and felt that we had wasted 80euro. We often go to the haman in Marmaris which is much more basic but not commercialised and for 50 lire we get a full Turkish massage scrub and 45 mins cream massage. the sales man did the good patter on arrival but was nowhere to be found on our departure. Will not return and would strongly recommend people seek an alternative if they want the true Turkish experience

  3. I’m sorry some have had a poor experience. My wife went with friends in 2008 and she had a better experience ; as you can see in the post. However she did not go during high season and says it was not very busy – and that maybe is the difference.

    I have looked to see if there are other Haman ( Turkish Baths) and have seen those in Bodrum ( opposite the bus depot) mentioned a couple of times; it seems they have ( or did have) a good reputation.

    See the following link: http://www.destinationcoupons.com/turkey/bodrum/Health_Hamam/Bodrum.asp

    Have you recently been to a Turkish Bath on the Bodrum Peninsular ( especially near Gumusluk)? Let us know your experience…

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