Bati Restaurant in Gumusluk (New management expected for 2015)

There are so many restaurants to choose from in Gumusluk that it’s difficult to know where to start. The majority of them are fish restaurants and although they all have their own personalities, they also have a number of common factors. For example, they all display fresh fish on an ice bed – which you visit with your waiter to select the fish for your table and decide on the cooking method, the weight and cost per kilo.

So I have decided to tell you about one of the restaurants that has a slightly different feel and theme. Its name is Bati. Dining is alfresco, but with some trelliswork overhead and climbing plants providing shade during the day. It has a slightly elevated position; if you sit at one of the tables along the edge you have a good view of the harbour and can look over a low wall and watch the people walking past below.

Bati has its own wood-burning oven and its speciality is Turkish pizzas, garlic bread and the like; you can take a look for yourself at the food cooking in this baked-clay sided hole in the wall and the chef in front preparing pizzas and using the long wooden paddle to slide them into the oven.

Bati also has its ‘chill’ area at the rear of the restaurant, where you can sip a coffee or brandy after your meal; you take your shoes off before entering. There is an open fire for those cooler evenings early and late in the year. The tables are very low and seating consists of large cushions scattered around them; all under the shade of the extended branches of a gnarled old fig tree.


And as for the prices… they are very reasonable.

3 thoughts on “Bati Restaurant in Gumusluk (New management expected for 2015)

  1. if you would like to experience real turkish hospitality you should visit this place.
    here you can find peace & love, ask ve barish !
    the food is great end the people are amazing !

  2. There has been a recent management change and reports from our guests this season have not been complimentary. Perhaps a good way to judge if they are getting better would be ask if their pide (name for Turkish Pizza) oven is working and also to see if it is populated with other diners.

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