Limon Café

Limon Café People come from all over the peninsular to Limon bar / restaurant to watch the sunset and sip cocktails.Sunset at Limon Café Set just above the fishing village, it has spectacular views over unspoilt countryside to the bay and numerous islands beyond. Seating is on sofas and armchairs and the tables spread out from the bar all along the hillside. If you just come for drinks and the sunset, beware the price of cocktails! However, a meal with wine or beer can be reasonably priced. The salad we had was fresh and the pasta and lamb dishes were tasty. With a glass of wine, coffee and a dessert we paid £20 each.

Call in at the restaurant to make your reservation and choose your table. Then make sure you arrive on time! Dinner at LimonWe were a few minutes late the first time we went there and nearly lost our carefully selected sofa!

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