Spring in Gumusluk

 We are just back from preparing the villa for the new season. Every year we spend some time at the end of March in Gumusluk, visiting the villa and making sure that all is in order for our forthcoming guests. This year we have repainted the inside, washed the carpets, replaced the BBQ, replaced the lampshades, cleaned the patios etc etc. There is always something to do!

Whenever we go at the beginning of the year we are always reminded how fresh and green the scenery is. There can be the odd day of rain, but generally the weather is around 20 C and it is quite pleasant to sit in the sun with a chilled glass of wine or beer; we were often able to sunbath.

Not being too hot it is also possible to embark on a walk or two and enjoy the profusion of spring flowers. So if you enjoy walking this is definitely the time of year to come (although October and November can also be very pleasant months for walking).

The season had not started properly and the restaurants along the shore were still preparing for the new season when we arrived on 26th March; painting the chairs, tables and pergolas, white washing some walls etc. By the second week of April, however, a few more restaurants were open and they had blankets draped on the back of the chairs in case the evenings got a little chilly.

Not quite the weather for swimming yet – although this didn’t stop two young girls jumping in the larger swimming pool on site. It was ‘cold’ they admitted – but the sun soon warmed them up again.

2 thoughts on “Spring in Gumusluk

  1. Hi Paul and Val… I’m writing a Travel Guide for Gumusluk, and it will include narratives from people who know the area. I’d love to be able to include some content from you. I would of course credit you as the source, and provide a link back to your website in my book. This post caught my attention, and I love the idea of letting readers know what to expect in Gumusluk at the beginning of the season, and it would be wonderful if you’d agree to create an updated/edited version of this post to include in my guide.

    This will be my 2nd guide book, as I published a travel guide earlier this year covering the entire Bodrum Peninsula.

    • Hi Jay,

      Glad you liked he post.

      We are a bit hectic at the moment. Flying out to New Zealand for 3 months tomorrow … with a couple of nights in Singapore on the way. Maybe if you send me a n email in week or so once we have settled in we can have a look at writing something for you. Email Val and me at val361uk@yahoo.co.uk



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