Dining Out

There are some great restaurants in Gümüslük and further afield. However, here are just a few of our favourites. (all in Gümüslük unless stated)


A beautiful restaurant – perfect setting in the fishing village harbour, fresh fish of every description, exquisite presentation and excellent service… BUT prices have soared over the past couple of years and you can pay up to £80 or £100 for a meal for two! If you go there for a special occasion do make sure you check prices of fish, wine etc.

For a special waterside meal we would recommend Gumus Café or Zeytun (see below) where prices are about half the above (but do still check prices of the fish and wine).

Gumus Café

Gumus Café, the next restaurant along from Mimoza, is another great favourite of ours. It has lovely food, friendly service and is probably 20% cheaper than Mimoza.


Zehtun is another excellent waterside fish restaurant a little further on from Gumus Café, run by a lovely guy called Murat. Tell him you’re staying at Paul & Val’s villa in Opus. You’ll be sure to have a great meal.

Mars Café

If you’re looking for a warm welcome and excellent value this is it!  Situated next to the taxi rank at the entrance to the fishing village, the Mars Café – run by Mariette and her husband Halis – is probably the friendliest establishment in Gümüslük. They serve a variety of dishes including vegetarian options, all at very competitive prices. Check out their weekly steak night (Thurs) and buffet night (Tues) and meet some new people. (Buffet is 20TL per person, approx. £6 : 2014 prices)


People come from all over the peninsular to Limon bar / restaurant to watch the sun set and sip cocktails. Limon is also our closest restaurant! From the villa walk back to the road, turn left and it is about 200metres on your right.

Set just above the fishing village, it has spectacular views over unspoilt countryside to the bay and numerous islands beyond. Seating is on sofas and armchairs and the tables spread out from the bar all along the hillside. If you just come for drinks and the sunset, beware the price of cocktails! However, a meal with wine or beer can be reasonably priced. We recommend the mixed hors d’oeuvres. For two courses and a glass of wine expect to pay about £20 a head.

Limon also serves excellent breakfasts (Kahvalti) until at least noon each day. Try their special breakfast: yogurt, fruit, a variety of homemade breads and jams, cheese, olives, tapenade, cucumber, tomatoes and tea or coffee. It costs around 45TL (£14) but is plenty for two people.

If you want to make a reservation for the evening call in at the restaurant earlier in the day and choose your table. Then make sure you arrive on time! We were a few minutes late the first time we went there and nearly lost our carefully selected sofa!


If we spend the day on the beach we often make for Amavi. From the car park turn left when you reach the shore (or from the donkey track turn left and continue along the beach) The entrance to Amavi is demarked by two large white Greek urns, which tilt outwards away from the entrance steps. Amavi serves nice snacks too. Try their seafood pancake (share with a friend for lunch). Regular jazz evenings throughout the summer at Amavi are very popular. A perfect venue for drinks at sunset. Tip for a lovely evening which won’t break the bank: sip a glass of wine here as the sun sinks over the Greek islands and then decamp to Mars for a cheap meal!

Beach Cafe next to Amavi and Club Gumusluk, a few metres closer to Rabbit Island, both have friendly service & good food. Their pides (Turkish pizzas) are particularly good, salads are fresh and prices (at Club Gumusluk in particular) cheaper than Amavi.


10 to 15 minutes’ walk from Opus. Turn right out of the site and when you reach the T junction follow the sign down to the beach. Good Sunday buffets and live music. See separate article.

New Fish Restaurant next to Mars Café

This used to be just a fresh fish shop but has now expanded and is a restaurant as well.  Fresh fish at much cheaper prices than the restaurants beside the sea. Excellent service. Very popular so make sure you book.

Kavakli Kofteci (Yalikavak)

Excellent for a very cheap lunch. There’s no alcohol sold here and no menu but two dishes are on offer: meat balls or lamb skewers with salad and bread. With a bottle of water it costs £5 a head. Located in the shopping area beside the harbour. Name of street is ‘Carsi ici’

Urfa and Koftecisi Ramiz (Oasis Shopping Centre, Bodrum)

These are two great places for a light lunch. Urfa’s speciality is ‘Lahmacun’, a like a thin, crispy pizza and Koftecisi Ramiz’s speciality is meat balls but also has an excellent salad buffet. Very cheap prices. See separate article.