Guest Book

Have you been a guest at Gumusluk Villa ?

Then leave your comments and tell others your impressions: what you liked best, your favourite restaurant or walk  and whether you are coming back soon…


3 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. My wife and I went for a week from 6 June 2009 to unwind. We didn’t want to do tourist sites or shopping just take the sun, swim (in the pool and the sea), try the local food and drink and meet the locals.
    We succeeded on all counts and already preparing to book for next year for two weeks when we will venture further afield.
    Basically our day consisted of fruit for breakfast, a light lunch on the beach and a huge meal at the local fish restaurants. The locals were extremely friendly and helpful. One of the restaurant owners took us out in his boat for the afternoon.
    Our favourit restaurant was Lelec for the service the food and the location. You are so close to the water you can actually fish – which we did but we didn’t catch our dinner. We chose that fresh from the boats. Basically ignore the menu and let the host organise your dinner and the wine.
    If I have one word of advice I would say make sure that you take plenty of currency either Euros or Pounds Sterling or both as well as local currency. You will get things cheaper by paying in those hard currencies.
    There is a new shopping arcade opening in the port. Arcade is probably too grand a term – more like mini boutiques for local artisans. The stall holders are again friendly and helpful – remember euros!
    I could write loads but I think the fact that we are already preparing for next year is proof of the holiday’s success.

  2. The house is situated in a very nice area with seaview and gardens all around. It is close to the fishing village and just a couple of minutes from a great stone beach, Victoria’s, with a laid back atmosphere. The house has got everything you need and a great information booklet with a lot of tips. The house is very well kept and the staff is really helpful and nice.

  3. Gumusluk Villa is a really nice holiday villa, spacious, good size pool, no clutter, clean and nearly everything works that should work ( exceptions being fridge that is being fixed or replaced and wifi that was patchy). Things I especially liked about the villa include: ability to see the sea from master bed, pool big enough to swim in, lots of space, close to Gumusluk which is the nicest part of the Bodrum peninsular by some margin, quiet, lovely flowers in hedges around the garden, sleeps six comfortably and the villa is generally well designed.

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