In Gumusluk

What to do in Gumusluk

Gumusluk Villa sits in the hillside just above Gumusluk fishing village. It is part of the Opus Village complex – a beautiful site with extensive gardens and parkland.

Activities on Site

  • Take a bottle of wine and glasses to the amphitheatre and watch the sun set.
  • Swim in the two larger swimming pools if you want a change from your private one.
  • For 360 degree spectacular views wander out of the top gate above the Opus site office and turn left up the hill. Beautiful at sunset. Don’t forget your camera!
  • A pleasant Circular Walk from the Villa …partly along the coast road for the best views of Gumusluk bay, down to the beach, along the shoreline dotted with cafes and restaurants and little shops and return via an old donkey track. (Details on page 28 of our information folder at the villa.)

Activities in Gumusluk Fishing Village

Gumusluk Fishing Village is a pleasant 20 minute stroll from the villa via down an old donkey track to the shore.

Swimming and Sunbathing

Sunbeds belonging to the various cafes / restaurants are free, but etiquette is that you buy a drink or snack whilst using them. Showers, toilets and changing rooms are available at the rear. From the end of the donkey path turn left and walk past all the fish restaurants to just beyond Rabbit Island.

Rabbit Island

Wade across to Rabbit Island (centre of beach) and see the submerged ruins of the ancient city of Myndos.

Visit the Ruins

To the right of the donkey track is another small beach and at the far end of this bay you can see some of the ruins of Myndos (but not a lot left!). If, instead, you go over a stile to your right half way round the bay you will see more. Some of the most visible ruins are under water to your right as the headland bears left. There is more over a flat field on the right.

The walk along the headland to the left (with the tower perched on top) is very pleasant, especially as the sun sets over the Greek islands. The path runs out at the tip of the headland so you have to retrace your steps.

Eat at the Restaurants:

Midday snack or evening meal by the water’s edge. Lots of choice. *For our favourites see ‘Dining Out’.

Water Sports

Canoes, pedalos, wind surfing etc at the far end of the beach.

Watch the best Gumusluk sunset from Limon Cafe

From the villa walk back to the coast road, turn left and it’s on the right after 300 metres. Call in earlier in the day and choose your sofa.

Boat Trips

Available from Gumusluk in high season or from the marinas in Bodrum or Turgutreis or Yalikavak. The boat stops in a number of bays for swimming and you visit some hot springs and even try a mud facial on some trips. Loud music downstairs, but soft padded deck upstairs for drying off/sun bathing. Lots of Turkish holiday makers too. A fun day out. Lunch included. Costs about £15 per person.

If you want to rent your own boat ask at the tourist office in the fishing village.

Visit the Gumusluk Market

Gumusluk market (in Gumusluk inland village, not fishing village) is on Wednesdays from early morning till about 2pm and has good food and textiles. There is a free ‘train’ (tractor with seating) to and from the market passing the end of the Opus (coastal) road. When returning look for the one going to Gumuskaya. For a pleasant walk down the hillside through olive groves to Gumusluk (inland village) and the market see page 29 of the information folder at the villa.


Karakaya is an ancient village in the hills behind Gumusluk. It was deserted over a 100 years ago but recently some of the properties have been renovated. Great for photos just before sunset with beautiful views over Gumusluk and islands.

Try the circular walk from our villa to Karakaya and Gumusluk Inland Village. (details on page 27 in the information folder at the villa)